George Lin - Cello

George is a Georgia Tech graduate that worked as a business analyst at a few Atlanta companies. He is currently back in school learning to become a park ranger. He began playing violin and piano when he was 6 before settling on the cello three years later. He has played in various ensembles including the Wheaton Symphony Orchestra and the Georgia Tech Symphony Orchestra. His most unique musical experiences include playing in a Benjamin Zander masterclass, playing next to Joshua Roman, and performing at the Goat Farm in Atlanta. His hobbies include hiking, camping, and playing tennis.

Zeya Luo - Violin

Zeya is also Georgia Tech graduate. She just completed her bachelors and is currently working as a chemical engineer at MacDermid Graphic Solutions. She has been playing violin since she was 8 years old. Zeya has participated in many programs including the Maryland Classical Youth Symphony, high school orchestra, as well as the Georgia Tech Symphony Orchestra. While at Tech, she expressed her musical taste serving while serving as president  of the GTSO and DJ'ing on her show, "Girl Rock," which is still on at 91.1 WREK radio. Her other hobbies include hiking, exploring new food joints, going to music festivals. 

Parry Staley - Guitar, Violin, & Vocals

Parry, you guessed it, is also a Georgia Tech graduate and is currently working as a game design engineer at AGS. He first began playing violin when he was 6 years old. At age 14, he expanded his classical training and learned both classical and jazz guitar. Parry participated in various youth symphonies from elementary school through high school; at Tech, he played in the Georgia Tech Symphony Orchestra. While there, he showcased his musical creativity and won first place in recorded music at the 2015 Clough Art Crawl. Parry enjoys spending his time with family, writing new songs, and making trips up to Lake Lanier.